Stormjet F1 Four-head Series Eco-solvent Machine Details Introduction

The latest F1 has major changes in appearance, body, configuration, etc.

The new machine is more sturdy and durable, the printing platform accuracy is better, the drying method and the operation panel are more intelligent, etc., which will make it the most representative four-head photo machine series in the industry.

In terms of printing speed, the new F1 can reach 139㎡/h in production mode and 82㎡/h in HD mode.

f1 1200.png

  • New look

The luminous three-dimensional color logo design, while the machine exerts its performance advantages, can also show the unique charm of the equipment. The visualized baffle facilitates the observation of the printing process and prevents foreign matter from contaminating the printing platform.

  • Visual temperature and humidity conditions

The built-in temperature and humidity display module can display the working environment of the photo machine in real time. For example, the working environment temperature of a general photo machine requires 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%. Users can see the environment at a glance, and no longer rely on the thermometer and hygrometer at all times.

Zhengzhou New Century, where Stormjet is located, has been deeply involved in the field of wide-format printing equipment for 15 years and now has a young and professional management team. Century Wind is a well-known photo machine brand under its umbrella, covering a series of double-head, four-head, and eight-head photo machine series, as well as models such as UV color white mesh belt machine, leather printer, 3.2m ultra-wide printing equipment.


The sales of Stormjet printers are spread in many regions at home and abroad, and a complete sales and service network has been established in many cities across the country. Users can watch the machine at their doorstep and enjoy dual after-sales service from manufacturers and agents.