Fedar FD7428E, Help You Open Up A New Route For Carpet Digital Printing

With the improvement of everyone's living conditions, more and more people tend to personalize customized products. Among the customized products, most of them are inseparable from the blessing of digital printing equipment. Many carpet printing and dyeing manufacturers have also seen the benefits of customized production, but they have been suffering from the lack of corresponding carpet digital printing equipment for blessing. Feidi Textile Printing has seen this gap in the market, and launched the 4m2 ultra-long-width digital printing machine FD7428E to help carpet printing and dyeing manufacturers to open up a new route for carpet digital printing.

FD7428E Carpet Digital Printing Machine

FD7428E is equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles with a speed of up to 440㎡/h. Once launched, it has been widely recognized by customers.


Features of FD7428E

●Newly upgraded sheet-type spreading roller + new slotted suction panel

Make the feeding paper more uniform, effectively solve the wrinkle problem of thin paper printing, high-precision output, and refuse to appear bulging.

●The whole machine adopts industrial-grade high-precision machining integrated beam and host

Ensure that the equipment runs more stable and runs smoother for a long time at high speed, which greatly improves the printing quality and prolongs the service life of the machine.


●The whole machine comes standard with a 15L large continuous ink supply system and a 4.2-meter ultra-wide 10,000-meter retractable system

It can achieve long-term printing and continuous ink, while ensuring the quality of the image output, while shortening the replacement and downtime of consumables, saving time and labor costs, and truly achieving stability, efficiency, time saving, labor saving, labor saving, and comprehensive cost saving, so that productivity can be obtained Further improvement can better meet the needs of mass production.

●Front and rear electromagnetic damping control system with ultrasonic tension rod control system

It ensures the smooth running of the paper during the printing process, makes the paper feed more smoothly, and rewinds neatly and tightly, thereby improving the printing quality.

●Add safety grating device to the front door

Reduce the possibility of operator injury, protect the personal safety of the operator, and be more humane.

●Pneumatic pressure roller control mode with 3 adjustable pressure rollers

Make paper loading and feeding more convenient and faster, and pressure control more accurate.