Stormjet Sj-3180S Eight-Color Machine Prints The Picture Absolutely

The eight-color machine, as the name suggests, has four more colors than the common four-color photo machine.

With four more colors, the output effect is completely unusual.

Let's take a look at the equipment advantages of Stormjet Sj-3180S eight-color machine!


Stormjet Sj-3180S eight-color machine, Epson I3200-A1 dual print head configuration, one print head prints dark ink, one print head prints light ink, the printing speed is 4pass 20㎡/h. The combination of 4 dark + 4 light colors (C M Y K LC LM LK LLK), especially the addition of light black, makes the print gray level softer and solves the problem of chromatic aberration.

The eight-color printing shows richer colors, stronger layering, and wide color gamut, making the picture vivid and lifelike. After professional printing appraisal, it can output more than 2,000 colors. To put it bluntly, it can print any color that can be distinguished by the naked eye, realizing a true "what you see is what you get".

The configuration of the Stormjet eight-color machine retains the unique features of high and fine matching of the Stormjet series.


Equipped with 2 Epson I3200 print heads, the color reproduction degree is above 98%, and the effect is over all four-color and six-color imported machines.


Imported THK silent linear guides make the carriage run more smoothly and print more stable.

Drying system

It is equipped with an intelligent drying system as standard, which is synchronized with printing, that is, it can be printed and dried, and 6 different adjustment modes can be saved at the same time.



The motor is a Leisai servo brushless integrated motor, which has higher precision and smaller length error.

Ink cartridge

Provides eight large-capacity ink cartridges, and each ink tube independently supplies ink to a row of nozzles to ensure the high-speed output of large-area thick images.

In addition, this eight-color machine also supports intelligent feather printing, continuous printing after power failure, compatible with various printing software such as Maintop, Photoprint, ONYX, and can also automatically change the nozzle voltage according to different temperatures, making it more convenient to use.

Stormjet eight-color high-definition printer equipment parameters

Compared with ordinary four-color photo printers, theStormjet 3180S eight-color machine has obvious advantages of four more colors. The printing pictures are more exquisite and delicate, the details are clear, the colors are rich and beautiful, and the photo-level print quality is reached. It is suitable for photography work. Room, interior decoration, artwork reproduction and other fields with high requirements for picture quality.