How to Control Cost of Digital Sublimation Printing Machine

As a professional printing equipment, digital sublimation printing machines has a wide range of applications in the printing field. In the actual production process, the production cost can not be underestimated, which will directly affect the customer's revenue. So how should we control the production cost of digital sublimation printing machines?


  1. The print head in the digital sublimation printing machine is the core precision component. If it is not inspected during use, it will shorten the service life of the nozzle and improve the overall production cost of the digital sublimation printing machine. Therefore, the daily use specifications and daily maintenance of digital sublimation printing machine print heads are also a major factor in controlling production costs.

Daily use specification

Before printing out, print the test strip of the nozzle to ensure that the state diagram is normal and ensure that the print head is in good condition. When the printing is finished, the print head must be completely in close contact with the ink stack to ensure that the nozzle is always wet.


Routine maintenance

The nozzles are periodically cleaned by ink to ensure that the print heads are unobstructed. After the digital sublimation printing machine prints every day, clean the dirty parts of the entire photo machine, and then put a dust cloth on it to prevent dust from entering the sublimation machine and blocking the print head holes.

2. Use original high-quality matching ink, good ink and equipment complement each other to achieve rich color and fine print results. At the same time, a good digital sublimation printing machine ink has a high color reproduction degree, and the amount of ink used can be controlled, and there is no need to use a large amount of concentrated color to consume twice the amount of ink used. Although the original ink price will be higher, but you can print more square images, the overall spread, compared to poor quality low-cost ink, it is still very affordable.

3. Print media As one of the two major consumables for digital sublimation printing, it is a printing necessity that requires repeated purchases. At present, the thickness of the printing medium on the market is different. When you use it, you don't need to choose the thickest material. Instead, you should choose the appropriate material according to the color intensity and resolution of the design screen. Choosing the right material according to the actual  sublimation printing conditions can not only meet the printing needs of users, but also reduce the production cost.

4. The overall stability of the digital sublimation printing machine, the production cost of the digital printing machine can not be ignored. If the digital printing machine frequently has various small problems and big problems, it will not only cost time and money to repair, but also slow down the printing progress of the order, which will affect the profit. Fedar Sublimation printing machine adopts high-end quality accessories, the equipment performance is stable and reliable, and the quality is guaranteed.