Maintenance Tips for Fedar Sublimation Printer

Correct and effective maintenance can extending the service life of sublimation printing machine, which means saving costs and increasing profits. Here our Fedar senior technician summarize some maintenance tips to share with you.

Tip 1: When adding ink, the ink volume should be kept between the first and second liquid level in the ink cartridge.

Tip 2: Store the sublimation ink in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and it is recommended to use up the ink within half a month after opening.


Tip 3: Do not have commonly used household appliances near the machine, stay away from large magnetic and electric fields, or share the same plug-in board with household appliances.

Tip 4: When the device uses RIP software to output pictures, the firewall of the computer must be turned off. At the same time, the unused picture files in the computer must be cleaned up in time to make full preparations for the next printing.

Tip 5: When the printing time is sufficient and does not affect the work progress, you can print with 4pass or more mode, which will minimize the loss of equipment.

Tip 6: Keep the temperature and humidity as constant as possible in the equipment operation room. The suitable temperature for Fedar sublimation machine is about 20°-35° , and the humidity is about 35-65%.


Tip 7: Pay attention to dust-proof indoors, do not put them together with machines that are prone to smoke and dust, wipe and clean the machine before and after using.

Tip 8: It is not recommended to use poor quality print media, because it can easily damage the print head.


Tip 9: Check the cleanliness of the guide rails, wiper, and encoder strip at least once a week. Cleaning up the debris in time.

Fedar sublimation printer is your best textile printing solution. Welcome your inquiry for more details, please contact us.