How to Choose a Good Ink to Make Your Digital Inkjet Printer Work Well ?
With the continuous changes in the printing market, people's requirements for printing quality are getting higher and higher. Domestic inks have been widely used in the market, but different inks are suitable for different models. Some inks cannot meet the strict requirements of customers. For example, the black is not black enough, and the overall color is not bright enough.


Therefore, some printing processors strongly require the supplier to provide a complete set of inks with stable quality. Therefore, choose the ink, and it is recommended to choose the original Fedar ink for the model.


The main features of the Fedar original ink are:
1.Ink fluency. The heat transfer ink is sublimated under high temperature, penetrates into the surface of the medium, and forms an image after sublimation.
2. It is not easy to block the print head. This will also protect the print head.


3.The color is bright and strong. The transfer image is bright in color and rich in layers, and its effect is comparable to printing.
4.The smell is fresh, the environment is healthy, and the employees feel more comfortable!
5.The original ink is introduced to the market after strict and long-term testing by Fedar dye sublimation printing machine manufacturers.