How to Maintain Fedar Sublimation Printer During the Rainy Weather ?
Everyone knows that moist air will directly affect the performance of the machine and consumables, and the pattern that is accidentally printed will be a wet, the adhesion decline, resulting in losses. Not only that, in a humid environment, the internal board fittings of digital printing machines are extremely easy to corrode, and even cause the line short circuit, eventually leading to board nozzles. So how do you do your machine's use and maintenance in humid air? So here Fedar sublimation digital will share several maintenance details.
1. Fedar production workshop must be moisture-proof measures
When you get off work, you must turn off the windows and windows, so as not to protect the morning fog or cream from the Fedar workshop.
2.Use dust-proof cloth to cover the Fedar digital printer
After get off work, use dust cloth to cover the Fedar digital printer, the purpose is simple, the role of cloth can also prevent moisture in addition to dust, also avoid moist air and dust enter the Fedar printer which will cause short circuits for related circuit boards and components. .


3.Related print media consumables must be stored in a dry environment
Because the print media is easy to adsorb moisture and moisture, the moisture medium will easily cause the dissipation of the ink. Therefore, the material is placed back into the original packaging when it is not used, try not to contact the ground or wall.
4. Better to equip the wind turbine


It is recommended to equip the fan in the working environment of the Fedar digital printing processing workshop. It can also install air conditioner to start the dehumidification mode, but the effect is not very good; if the moisture is more serious, it is recommended to install the dehumidifier.
Fedar sublimation printer will not printing perfectly in the tidal equipment. So in the humid air, the digital printing machine damage can be avoid after follow the above protective measures, thereby improving production efficiency. With scientific maintenance, maintaining the various components such as print heads, so that the life time of Fedar printer will be extended, improve print quality and reducing production costs.