Recommend These Three Eco-solvnet Printer to You in 2022

In 2022, we strongly recommend these 3 eco-solvent printers!

In the past year, under the impact of the normalization of the epidemic, all walks of life have been struggling, and the advertising industry is no different.

The rise in raw materials has led to multiple increases in the prices of equipment and printing materials; it is not uncommon for processing plants to shut down due to power and production restrictions in many places; the outbreak of epidemics in many places at the end of the year, and the early holiday orders in many regions cannot be delivered as scheduled...

Although it is difficult, it is in the past; even if it is bitter, there is no lack of harvest.


There are many more such examples. In 2021, thanks to all users for their company and recognition, and thanks to all agents for their busy work in the front line, Century Wind will have a perfect answer sheet in 2021.

Zhengzhou New Century Digital (Fedar Printer: & Focus on Fedar Sublimation Printer, Fedar Textile Printer and Fning the trust of most consumers.

At present, Zhengzhou New Century Digital (Fedar Sublimation Printer, Fedar Textile Printer and Fedar DTG Printer) have launched more than 30 products, all of which have independent intellectual property rights and invention patents. Up to now, we has obtained 114 patents, including 22 invention patents, 75 utility model patents, and 17 design patents.

edar DTG Printer have already used in digital textile, advertisement, home furnishing and customized design. The products have passed ISO9000 and CE certification.