Recommend These Three Eco-solvent Printer Machines to You in 2022

This year, we launched new products as scheduled: the new F1 four-head eco-solvent machine, and the 3180S eight-color high-definition eco-solvent  machine.


This year, the high-speed printing of our F1808 made it a veritable "high-speed king" in the printing industry.

1808 2.png

The above are the 3 eco-solvent machine models that we will recommend in 2022. All three models are equipped with Epson I3200 printheads, THK silent linear guides, fluororubber pinch rollers and other advanced configurations in the industry. They can be used to print most advertising materials such as inkjet cloth, photo cloth, photo paper, light film, and self-adhesive pp.

In addition, special models such as mesh belt machine UV color white color, leather machine, etc. are also popular in the country. For inquiries, you can call the Century Wind National Service Hotline 400-0371-313, or contact the local agent, whose contact information can be obtained by long-pressing to identify the following QR code:

In addition, in 2022, we will also launch a smart photo machine with intimate voice reminder function, so stay tuned!