The Most Complete: Stormjet 1903-UV Mesh Belt Machine Equipment Details

Stormjet Mesh Belt Machine 1903-UV Advantages


  • Epson print head

Using 3 Epson I3200-U1 printheads, with LED-UV light curing ink. The unique VSDT (Variable Droplet Technology) of Epson printheads can freely control the size of the ejected ink droplets, and can choose different combinations of ink droplets according to different printing materials. Make sure the output image is more prepared, with well-defined layers and even transitions. Moreover, variable droplet printing technology can also save ink, further reducing production costs.


Moreover, Epson nozzles have long life, high precision, strong wear resistance and low plugging rate.

Using RIP color management software - Photoprint, it is seamlessly connected with mainstream software such as photoshop, CorelDRAW, and lllustrator, and supports various image formats such as JPG, BMP, PDF, TIF, etc. It has excellent color processing solutions, accurate color matching, and truly restore the color of pictures .

● Five-color map, showing dazzling visual colors.

Using standard new LED-UV light curing ink, healthy and low odor. The five-color printing layer is delicate (CMYK+W), and the ink has higher weather resistance and high saturation characteristics, so the picture is clear and delicate.

The use of layered printing technology makes the surface of the screen have a concave and convex feeling, with distinct layers, and supports a variety of printing modes (color white color/white white color/white color/color white/double color mode), which is highly favored by customers.


● Use original Stormjet UV curing ink

The use of flexible UV inks with brilliant colors ensures that when the substrate is bent, the picture will not crack, which greatly improves the breadth of application fields.

Moreover, the original LED-UV light-curing ink from the factory is more green and environmentally friendly, which is conducive to creating a suitable working environment. It can not only improve the quality of drawing, but also make workers feel comfortable and use at ease.

● Humanized design, more comprehensive consideration

The mainstream printing width of 1.9 meters can meet the daily needs of a variety of printing materials; the equipment adopts THK silent linear guides, industrialized body, stable and durable, and runs smoothly; the image quality detection device LED light board, the image quality is clear at a glance during the printing process; The UV lamp has a fast curing speed, and it dries immediately, which improves the work efficiency.