Starting in 2022, This Four-head Eco-solvnet Printer Machine will Escort Your Advertising Career!


Anti-collision frame


The small car frame with automatic induction anti-collision function, the head can be adjusted up and down, and the position and height of the nozzle can be adjusted freely according to the thickness of different printing media, which is convenient, fast, safe and efficient.


High-intensity work platform


Using a high-strength working platform, supported by multiple aluminum platforms, can ensure the flatness of the platform, with an accuracy of up to 5 wires.


Temperature management control system


The highly integrated temperature management and control system can easily adjust the temperature of the platform and the size of the suction force.


Secondary ink supply system


Adopting a large-capacity secondary ink supply system, continuous printing for a long time, and the height of the secondary small ink cartridge can be adjusted up and down according to the local atmospheric pressure to improve printing stability. It can be used normally regardless of altitude.

The ink tube comes with a filter, which can filter small ink magazines to ensure the service life of the nozzle and make printing more smooth and safe.


Ink stack


The all-aluminum alloy automatic lifting ink stack can intelligently clean the nozzle, long-term moisturizing, and tighter sealing.

The visual observation window of the ink stack is designed to facilitate the maintenance of the ink stack.

In addition to the above advantages, other examples include LED independent lighting switch (for easy observation of machine printing conditions), additional visible reflector in the buffer area on the left side of the machine (for easy observation and cleaning of the nozzle surface), automatic paper retracting and unloading function, and ink shortage alarm function And so on, will bring users a more comfortable and efficient printing experience.

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