Starting in 2022, This Four-head Eco-solvnet Printer Machine will Escort Your Advertising Career!

In 2022, a new journey has begun. In the new year, we should not hesitate in the current situation of repeated epidemics, and we must cut through waves in the changing times.

In 2021, Stormjet has a full harvest. Among them, the brand new Stormjet F1 four-head photo machine launched at the end of the year is destined to write a vivid footnote in the photo machine industry.

The new Stormjet F1 has been greatly improved in terms of appearance, body, configuration and so on. In addition to the continuation of the previous features of high-definition graphics and high-speed output, it also optimized and upgraded the configuration of temperature and humidity display modules, transparent baffles, three-speed adjustable paper rollers, dryers and other equipment.

△ Details of the new Stormjet F1 equipment

In the previous live broadcast, we showed users the graphics rendering effect of this device. Many fans said: The graphics rendering speed and effect are absolutely amazing! And the three-dimensional color logo "Fengying F1" is very eye-catching and eye-catching.

△Stormjet F1 new drawing display

Once this equipment was launched at the end of the year, Mr. Hao of Shandong Dezhou Yangfan Advertising immediately ordered 6 units, which have been successfully put into use now, easily achieving the goal of producing 10,000 meters per day!


Temperature and humidity display module


The built-in temperature and humidity display module can display the working environment of the photo machine in real time. For example, the working environment temperature of a general photo machine requires 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%. Users can see the environment at a glance, and no longer rely on the thermometer and hygrometer at all times.


Three-speed adjustment of the pinch roller


The four-head photo printers currently on the market are basically fixed-position pinch rollers. The latest Stormjet F1's pressure roller adopts American fluororubber pressure roller, which is not only wear-resistant and anti-static, but also can be adjusted in three levels. It is suitable for a variety of printing media with different thicknesses, making the printing size more accurate and the application range more accurate. widely.


High-strength industrial design


The main board, panel and beam are all made of thickened aluminum alloy structure, the stability of the whole machine is higher, and the load-bearing ability is stronger.


Double dryers can be dried in sections


Equipped with intelligent synchronous dual dryers, supports segmented drying, and can set the drying mode according to the size and thickness of the printed screen, which can ensure that the screen is dry when the screen is printed and can save power under the working state of high-speed output. Users reduce costs.


THK rail