How to Solve Paper Feeding Failure of Sublimation Printer?

Stepping motor in dye sublimation printer controls paper feeding. Once stepping motor fails, it may cause problems with paper feeding. When sublimation fabric printer is not feeding paper, we can start to check and troubleshoot from following four points.

Fedar Sublimation Fabric Printer

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1. Stepper motor is faulty. Entire paper feeding process of sublimation fabric printer is driven by a stepping motor. When stepping motor fails, such as a damaged main board, sensor failure, etc., it will cause printing machine to not feed paper. At this time, motor needs to be inspected, maintained or replaced.

2. Paper feeding system of dye sublimation printer is abnormal. Under normal circumstances, when paper feeding platform is blocked by debris, sublimation printing machine will not feed paper; in addition, when paper feeder fails and does not work, it will also cause printing machine to feed abnormally. At this time, it is necessary to check paper feeding system, clean up abnormal links and replace faulty parts.


3. Pressure roller problem. There is a component in sublimation fabric printer called "pressing roller", which is used to ensure that sublimation paper is flat and not skewed. However, when pressing wheel does not rotate, pressing is too tight or too loose, it will also cause printer to not feed smoothly, or even cause it to not feed. At this time, test to see if there is any problem with pressure roller, and adjust or replace it in time.

4.Paper pressing sheet problem. When press sheet of dye sublimation printer is too tight, it will cause Fedar printing machine to not feed smoothly, or even paper will not feed. At this time, you need to loosen paper pressure sheet to ensure smooth paper feeding.